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Soul Mavericks

Soul Mavericks crew is formed from a collection of talented individuals who all possess their own style, stories, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and energy.

The meaning behind the name of the collective is significant in nature.

Soul = Essence of the culture

Mavericks = Unorthodox expression

Our aim is to keep the essence of the dance and the culture which it represents in its purest form, whilst striving to create, nurture and evolve our unorthodox style of movement, with an objective to elevate and contribute an original spectacle to the art form.

Crew History

The Soul Mavericks have been established since July 2005.

The idea for the crew conception was spearheaded by crew coach and mentor, DJ Renegade of Extended Players / Son of Noise.

Soul Mavericks have blossomed into the most prolific and well established new school crew in the United Kingdom.


Soul Mavericks is a multi-cultural crew encompassing a very diverse range of origins, and the ages range from 5 – 42.

This proves that Soul Mavericks is very representative of a worldwide demographic, especially reflecting that of the city of London and the rest of the UK province.

Members also include professionals in the areas of:

  • Audio Visual Production
  • Computing & Technology
  • Medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Performing Arts

Members also geographically span:

  • London
  • Reading
  • Slough
  • The Netherlands
  • Wales


By both passage of invitation and self-funded trips, Soul Mavericks frequently travel both nationally and internationally for events, performances, teaching and training.

Some international locations include:

  • China
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France665981_443890172313957_1433074537_o
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Denmark
  • Holland
  • Japan
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands
  • Tunisia
  • USA


Soul Mavericks crew have been very well documented in both the printed media and television networks.

To name a few:

MTV have featured Soul Mavericks for both of the campaigns to represent the United Kingdom against seven other countries in the Red Bull Beat Battle competitions 2005 and 2007.

Channel 4 featured Soul Mavericks for the UK BBOY Championships 2005, 2008 and also followed Soul mavericks to France and the Netherlands and back to London for the UK BBOY Championships 2008.

KBS Sky Sports covered Soul Mavericks in downtown Seoul, South Korea on June 1 and 2 at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium with a capacity of approximately 100,000, today it seats 70,091 for the R-16 International break dance event in 2007.

In 2009, Soul Mavericks fended off the competition and earned an invitation to compete in Germany in late September that same year at the biggest BBOY event in the world, which is entitled Battle of the Year where they proudly represented the United Kingdom.

Soul Mavericks are the 1st Bboy crew and street dance act to appear at The Royal Opera House in London staring in Miss Fortune in spring 2012

There exists a vast array of content on Soul Mavericks on the internet ranging from events, news, appearances, promotions, instructional dancing videos, performances, performance reviews and magazine articles.

Titles and Accolades

Soul Mavericks hold a collection of national and international championship titles, to name a few:

National Champions 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Soul Mavericks are currently the United Kingdom regional champions four times in a row and a member of the crew also holds a world championship title from 2006 UK BBOY Championships.

Soul Mavericks we’re Finalists at Fluido Jam 5 in 2010

In 2010, for the 1st time in over 11 years, Soul Mavericks were the 1st UK crew to make it to the semi finals of the UK BBoy Champions World Finals. This was then replicated the following year.

Further accolades include:

2009 Solo National Champion – Dr Gabs (links)

2010 & 2011 Solo National Champion – Bboy Spin (links)

2011 Solo National Champion and World finalist -Bboy Sunni



Soul Maverick crew on Teaching and the next generation:

Various members of Soul Mavericks have taught and or still teach dance in various selected schools and establishments across the United Kingdom by way of spreading our knowledge, art and passion for our craft to all those who want to learn.

In 2010 an all girl school started a crew named Breakin’ Hearts, their creator, Head of the Dance Department Seri Hodges at Highworth Grammar School. Seri asked Soul Mavericks member AJ-47 to become their mentor, helping them train for a competition called ‘Tru Skool’ which is the ‘School National Championship.’  To qualify for the Finals they had to place at least 3rd in their respective region (southern qualifiers) where Breakin’ Hearts places 1st in both ‘Best Show‘ and Placed 1st in the battles. In the National Finals (Tru Skool 2010) They placed 2nd after only a few months of training from Soul Mavericks member AJ-47…

Mentoring continued though out 2011, upping the session length and adding an extra day, AJ-47 called in extra training from other Soul Mavericks members Spin, Mid-Air, Manny and of course, the man himself DJ Renegade aka Coach Kev…  After lots more training, shows and battle experience later Breakin’ Hearts again won best show and the southern qualifier battles and then went on to ascend as ‘The 2011 Tru Skool Finals Champions‘ (School National Champions.) Reflecting True Soul Mavericks essence. This was made possible by the dedication of the Head of the dance department at Highworth Grammar School, Seri Hodges, who even arranged sponorship for Breakin’ Hearts from Mike Swan of Wilkins Kennedy. Mike has been extremely supportive of Breakin’ Hearts and the dance department as a whole. People like this are truly a pleasure to work with and to know.


Gavin ‘hawk’ Vincent (Disiac) Is currently and has been over the past 3 years been teaching on behalf of the Royal Academy of Dance within their ‘Step into dance‘ Programme, which offers dance to school student across London.

Here’s what he had to say on this approach to bringing dance to the youth of today.

Working for the Royal Academy of Dance on this programme has been a great way for us to show kids what bboying is all about.
When i tell people i teach for the RAD they usually presume its ballet or Jazz or even contemporary, but for an establishment as renowned as theirs to really push our art form i think it is great for the scene as we get a chance to show and teach young people who may never get a chance to experience this kind of thing, and help bring through the next generation of young boys and bgirls.

Sue Goodman Course Director says: ” Gavin is a joy to work with and a true inspiration to the students he teaches, and have the Soul Mavericks Judging at our step into Battle competition was fantastic, the crew were great with the students and got stuck in helping the dancers warm up in the open circles and really getting involved in the event on the whole”

Entertainment Industry

Soul Mavericks are highly established in the entertainment industry as well as the international elite competition scene.

Some credits include performances for:

  • Alesha Dixon
  • Amerie
  • Andre Hellers’ Cirque Du Soleil “Afrika Afrika”
  • BBC 1 Children In Need
  • Fatman Scoop
  • Geri Halliwell
  • ITV’s 50th Birthday
  • Lynx ‘Click’ promotion
  • MAC Cosmetics launch
  • Mobo Awards
  • Nike Corporation ‘Troupe’ training shoe release
  • Razorlight
  • Sonqiue
  • The Paul O’Grady Show
  • Will Smith
  • The Brit Awards 2011
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Launch
  • Ballet Boyz: The Rite of Spring (BBC3)
  • Royal Opera: Miss Fortune (ROH)
  • Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremonies
  • London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Soul Mavericks also have a member of their crew immortalised as a playable character in a video game released for the Sony PSP entitled ‘BBOY The Game’.


Soul Mavericks have a strict training regime, professional disposition and a hard work ethic which has provided the framework for success and future endeavours.

Soul Mavericks have recently been working on the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies

In January 2013, Soul Mavericks will be taking part in a new project with Nike as they launch their new Nike Fuel Band. Stay tuned for daily blogs.


Soul Mavericks crew are now seeking a sponsorship package in order to convey an image and identity.



For extra information, images, video content please get in touch with Soul Mavericks crew at this e-mail address:

Thank you

Soul Mavericks Crew 2013

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  1. Greta says:

    How can I contact BGirl Terra from Soul Mavericks for commercial performance? Can’t get through to agent Kymberlee.

  2. Emily Palmas says:

    Hi soul mavericks I just wanted to say that I think you guys are doing well and good progress.I 💖you guys keep up the good work.

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